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Hello, my name is Nigel and this is my first blog. I am not much of a computer type of person but last year, my wife bought me a laptop. Since then, I have been trying to get to grips with this thing they call the internet. I decided to start a blog but I had no idea what to write about. They say, "write about what you know," so I have decided to write about processing and manufacturing. My son owns a processing and manufacturing plant so I have learnt quite a lot from him about what it involves.



Plastic VS Glass Packaging For Your Business

If you have a business where you need to package up goods before selling them to the consumer, the first thing you need to decide is what material to use for the packaging. The two main options are glass and plastic, each of which have their benefits and drawbacks. Here are some things to consider when choosing between glass and plastic packaging.

Plastic Is Less Expensive

A major benefit to using plastic is that it is often less expensive to purchase in higher quantities. When you are buying in bulk from a plastic bottle or container supplier, you can save even more. The cost savings benefits you in a number of ways. First of all, it cuts down on manufacturing costs, which is great for overhead. The lower costs also means shipping the containers to you is going to cost you less. With these cost savings, you can lower your product prices, which is also good for the consumer.

Glass Is Often Safer For Food

If you are planning on packaging up food or drinks, you might want to consider using glass. While it does cost a little more than plastic, glass tends to be safer in general. These containers can be reused multiple times by the consumer without worrying about the spreading of germs or chemicals. Some chemicals are used in plastic materials, which can be harmful to the container.

Plastic Is More Convenient For Consumers

In addition to saving money, plastic benefits the consumer is some other ways. It is lightweight, so the containers are much easier for the consumer to carry from the car to their home, and when carrying containers around in their home. Plastic also won't break when it is dropped, so there is less mess to clean up, plus there isn't a risk of being injured from broken glass if the container is accidentally dropped.

Glass Is Cleaner Than Plastic

In general, glass is going to be a cleaner material than plastic. Glass has a nonporous surface, so germs, bacteria, and food particles don't soak into the glass. If someone has something stored in their home in glass for long periods of time, there is less risk of germs building up than if it were stored in plastic. It is also safer to wash them in hot temperatures, further helping to clean germs and bacteria from the containers.

It is good to weigh all the pros and cons of plastic and glass before deciding on the ideal packaging for your products. For more information, talk to a professional like Ant Packaging.