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Learn About the Features of Anti-Vandal Soccer Goal Posts

Soccer is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. A soccer field has great value in resorts, schools and specialised training centres. Usually, a soccer field requires significant investment considering the square footage of land you need for the field and space for the ardent fans. Much money also goes into making soccer goals, with high-quality metals and synthetic nylons required to make a durable goal post. The accessories used to make the goals can easily catch the eye of vandals, who are capable of damaging or removing the items and reselling them. In this piece, you will uncover some of the features you need to protect your soccer goals against vandals.

Protected Cross Bar

When setting up a goal post, the vertical bars sit in position courtesy of a permanent, cured concrete mix. Therefore, the vertical posts will not be a vandal's first point of attack considering the strength of the concrete mix. Their next area of focus will be the cross, where they are likely to find a weakness. Ideally, a soccer goal with an anti-vandal feature should come with locked crossbars that make it impossible for the vandal to lift and move them out of position. Systems that depend on nuts and bolts are unreliable because the vandal can unfasten and remove the crossbars even if the bar is made from heavy-duty gauge metal.

Reinforced Soccer Goal Net

Good quality goal nets comprise high-value nylon materials prone to be vandalized by thugs. Therefore, you need to get vandal-proof nets, especially for soccer goals located in areas with unrestricted public access. Municipal recreational courts are an excellent example of a facility that will benefit from this feature.  

Vandal-proof net setups come bearing sprocket nets and a robust build capable of withstanding high levels of stress. The material should also resist the weakening caused by harsh weather conditions and UV radiation. Usually, the net bears short ropes with steel cores to protect them from wanton violence. The next area of focus is the clamping mechanism, which is crucial because it determines the ease of pulling the net away from the post. Go for a bolt-on setup combined with a ball and socket connection between the net and the steel.

The Joints

It is imperative to avoid bolt and nut layouts at any joint. Weld joints and connections are better between any main and auxiliary posts. There is minimal risk of weak lines that vandals can attack.

For more information on soccer goals posts, contact a company near you.