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The Manufacturing and Processing Business

Hello, my name is Nigel and this is my first blog. I am not much of a computer type of person but last year, my wife bought me a laptop. Since then, I have been trying to get to grips with this thing they call the internet. I decided to start a blog but I had no idea what to write about. They say, "write about what you know," so I have decided to write about processing and manufacturing. My son owns a processing and manufacturing plant so I have learnt quite a lot from him about what it involves.



4 Applications of Laser Cutting Technology

From manufacturing to medicine, laser cutting technology has many applications. This blog post explores five examples of how laser cutters are being used in unique and exciting ways. 1. Creating Printed Circuit Boards Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the foundation of nearly all electronic devices. They provide electrical pathways between the different components of a device, and they're usually made by etching copper foil using chemicals or mechanical processes. However, PCB manufacturers increasingly turn to laser cutting as an alternative to traditional methods. Read More 

Learn About the Features of Anti-Vandal Soccer Goal Posts

Soccer is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. A soccer field has great value in resorts, schools and specialised training centres. Usually, a soccer field requires significant investment considering the square footage of land you need for the field and space for the ardent fans. Much money also goes into making soccer goals, with high-quality metals and synthetic nylons required to make a durable goal post. The accessories used to make the goals can easily catch the eye of vandals, who are capable of damaging or removing the items and reselling them. Read More 

4 Essential Considerations When Looking for a Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

Partnering with the right plastic packaging manufacturer is a critical decision that can have numerous advantages for your business. However, there are various considerations to make if you are looking for the ideal manufacturer to partner with for your packaging needs. Continue reading through to the end of this post for essential factors to consider when finding a manufacturer that suits your needs.  Does the Manufacturer Offer Standard and Custom Products? Read More 

Reasons to Choose Waste Oil Collection for Recycling for Your Manufacturing Business

Owning a manufacturing plants means producing a considerable amount of waste oil. And while oil is crucial for a myriad of operations in your industrial business, disposing of it correctly can prove a challenge. Unfortunately, some industrialists choose to get rid of this waste oil in the cheapest way possible and this results in significant environmental degradation. Moreover, it poses a health risk to inhabitants in that location too. The best way to ensure that you are not playing a role in large scale contamination is to opt for responsible waste oil collection. Read More 

Have you thought about the advantages of wooden pallets?

When you build something, you will usually want to transfer it somewhere else. You might need to ship your goods to the retailer or directly to the end-users, but it is only rarely that you will need to keep the products at the place that they were made. When you want to transport large volumes of product safely, then the best option is often to use pallets. You could try shipping the items loosely, but that can lead to things becoming broken or parts being lost. Read More